Tekken 5

Unlock Final Stage 2

Play at least 200 arcade mode matches.

To Get Eddy

Eddy is just a costume for Christie. The price for buying him is 500,000G

Speedy Gonzales

When your opponent is down back up untill your far away from him. Then when he gets up run towards him while tapping on the direction botton your opponent is. Then with a good run and good hit it will take a lot of damage to your opponent and he will fall the the ground again.

Get Expensive Items Free

But how do we do this? Well, first beat Devil Within, then as you play it a second time, items are given to you.

More G

In arcade, since it is impossible for a beginner to fight a master on encounter, use a very high ranked player and choose to fight a master ranked fighter. Lose deliberately and continue. Choose someone ranked beginner and beat the master fighter. You will get more G. If there is a random roulette after the fight then all the better.



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