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Dead or Alive 4

You've heard everything there is to know about the Spartan and the gameplay changes of DOA4, now we detail the online section.

Ever since E3 last May you've heard all about Dead or Alive 4. You've read article after article on DOA4 and seen countless screen shots as well. Now, on the eve of the game's release date it's time to provide the info you've all been waiting for. You may have heard a light sprinkling of details on the online aspects of Dead or Alive 4 (mainly geared toward the new lobby system), but for those of you that played online with DOA Ultimate on a regular basis, there are a few changes that you probably aren't aware of. Some of these changes are good, while others caught us by surprise and honestly disappointed us (although just a bit).

Dead or Alive 4 has been built from the start with online play as a primary focus. The team over at Tecmo has fine-tuned the game to perfection to ensure a fair fight when you take the game online. Playing online the past few days there have only been Japanese players to battle against. Under most circumstances you would think a match in an online fighting game would be filled with lag considering the distance from California to Japan. However, a vast majority of the matches played over the past two days have been virtually lag-free. It amazed us to say the least.

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