Prince of Persia Revelations

Ubisoft's prince has arrived on the PSP and in grand fashion.

The Prince of Persia brand has slowly emerged into a big hit for the folks at Ubisoft, and that's a great feat considering what kind of downfall the series has taken since Jordan Mechner started it off so many years ago as a basic 2-D adventure. Now, hot on the heels of the release of The Two Thrones for consoles, we have the release of Prince of Persia: Revelations, an advanced port of last year's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

In case you missed out on that story, here it is. The Prince finds himself in a bit of a quandary due to his use of the Sands of Time (from the original game for PS2 and Xbox of the same name). He soon finds himself stalked by a strange creature ready to eat him alive, and his days numbered. The only way he can possibly save himself is to kill the Empress of Time, but there's a mysterious woman in the mix and her army of messed-up warriors who have something to say about the matter. It's up to the Prince to navigate through a series of puzzles and combat situations in order to survive.

Sure, it's mostly based on last year's game, but it was a fine game in its own right, and it's translated pretty well onto the Sony PSP. The environments look stunning and are mostly easy to navigate, aside from the occasional graphic glitch that comes into play during a pursuit level, where the shadowy time beast is nipping right on your heels. The animation looks pretty good, and the level layout delivers in the same way as Warrior Within did. What's neat here, though, are a few bonus levels that come into play, and stretch out the adventure a bit further for those avid fans of the game series.

The gameplay is a little tricky to get used to on the PSP, but once you get adjusted, you'll find yourself getting into the game's beautiful combat quite easily. The Prince can use multi-directional attacks to his advantages, as well as poles and leaping attacks that are equally stunning to look at and pull off. You can also "rewind" with the help of the Dagger of Time, in case you make a crucial mistake that will otherwise wipe out what little life you have.

The port's not perfect, however. The game has a serious problem with its audio. While the music and sound effects are decent, they're terribly mistimed, as if the UMD is reading on a completely wrong track from the on-screen action. Worse yet, the game takes quite some time to load in some parts, forcing you to play the patient game while you await the next level. There's also no multiplayer or downloads of any kind.

But, aside from that, things could have been a lot they got on the Prince of Persia game for the DS. Yuck. But I'll get to that another time. Bottom line is, if you're a fan of the Prince of Persia brand and don't mind doing a little work to get the pleasures out of this game, then Revelations should definitely find a place in your library. I just hope for future printings, the audio is a little bit more on track, you know?

by Modojo Staff


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