What is a Pheromone

Verbal language has not been around a very long time in the history of life on Earth. Well before any animal could raise its head out of the water and scream, there were other forms of communication between creatures of their own species. Body language is one way of non-verbal communication. Another is by use of pheromones. Androstenone pheromone concentrate is silent communication through the use of incredibly small scent molecules.

An incredible amount of information is still transmitted today through the use of pheromones. What Do Pheromones Smell Like? We use animal and insect pheromone concentrates in various ways since they were discovered in the 1970's. The unique but undetectable scent of a female moth or wasp is the bait for many commercially available insect traps. Some animal pheromones are sprayed on breeding animals to get them more in the mood for love. Pheromones put out by mother dogs to calm their puppies down can be sprayed in a room to calm your dog down. Although we don't rely on our sense of smell as much as animals, the androstenone pheromone concentrate as non-verbal communication still applies to human beings.

We put of pheromones that warn others that we are afraid, that we should relax and probably put out many others that we are not aware yet. The human pheromone most studied and replicated is the human sex pheromone. In the androstenone pheromone concentrate, it communicates to other human beings "Come hither!" Androstenone pheromone concentrate consists of tiny scent molecules that enter the nose and are detected by the brain via the veronasal organ (VNO), also called the Jacobsen's organ. However, you can sniff and sniff a bottle of pure human pheromone concentrate but you will not be able to actually smell anything.

It's All About The Edge Since the human sex pheromones were discovered by Philadelphia scientists in the 1980's, the singles scene has been more active than ever. Pheromones are reproduced in the laboratory and have been available for sale to eager would be lovers for years now. The synthetic human pheromones are just as powerful as the naturally made kind, and still fall under the androstenone pheromone concentrate. It is like a French speaker talking English. Even though the accent might be different, the person is still using the language an English speaking native can understand just as well as if talking to another English speaking native.

There are many safe pure pheromone products available in a pheromone store. You can get pheromones concentrate or perfume or cologne, pheromone of your choice already added. You can have human pheromones oil or human pheromones spray. You can choose a pure human sex pheromone product or one that has been diluted a bit with other perfume or cologne. According to the androstenone pheromone concentrate, you are still using the non-verbal language of love, no matter what product you choose. A lot of online stores selling pheromone products will have a money-back guarantee of some sort.

Although you will probably not be mobbed by the sex of your choice, you are sure to get more eye contact from others. Getting a look in the eyes might be enough to initiate contact and conversation. Since there are over nine billion human beings on the planet, you need all the help you can get to stand out from the masses. And some claim that knowing you have on pheromone concentrate will make you feel more confident in yourself. Being confident and friendly is always attractive.

Use the androstenone pheromone concentrates to your advantage!.

Learn more about androstenone pheromone concentrate and other types of pheromones.

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