Study And Learn Italian In Italy

ITALIAN LEARNING in BOLOGNA? WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN ITALIAN IN ITALY AND HAVE TIME TO VISIT THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY TOO? Hallo! Servizi linguistici di Kos Marta Inga e Di Dio Luigina snc organizes training courses for private students, professionals and companies. Our team is made up of dynamic and friendly people, who have a great amount of experience. A young and international environment is waiting for you! Our aim is to create a meeting point between high quality teaching and a friendly environment, in which students feel comfortable and enjoy studying and spending their time here with us. We're located in the Borgo Panigale suburb, in Bologna, near the historical centre, surrounded by nature and a relaxing atmosphere.

Hallo! is strategically positioned near "G. Marconi" airport (ten minutes away), 5 minutes from the "Bologna - Borgo Panigale" train station and not far from exit no. 3 of the freeway. For accommodation needs, we have a special agreement with a rooming-house near the school. This is our offer for ITALIAN SUMMER COURSES IN ITALY Group Courses ? small groups of 3 to 8 participants "TWO" Courses ? for 2 participants Individual Courses Individual and "Two" Courses Individual and "Two" courses give students the opportunity to study and learn italian in Italy following a personalized learning plan according to individual needs.

We prepare the program and the calendar together with the student/s. Group Courses Courses are held from Monday to Friday, from 9am to midday or from 3pm to 6pm. 15 hours are planned per week. You can choose to take courses for one, two or three weeks.

Participants are divided into small groups of 3 to 8 students, on the basis of their level. Courses begin from the first week of June 2008. Our teaching programmes Basic course The objective of the course is to offer the foundations of the Italian language and culture, in order to enhance the first approach to our country.

During the lessons you will deal with topics which are useful for daily life situations. You will learn how to describe yourself and other people, how to describe your studies/job and your free time. You will begin to grasp "survival" language that will help you face various social situations (at a bar, in a restaurant, in a hotel, in shops and at the post office). Intermediate course This is the ideal course for someone who already has basic knowledge of Italian and is ready to further study the grammar and vocabulary aspects of Italian. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of learning activities, in order to make the lessons fun and dynamic. You will learn how to use verbs in the past tense, you will increase your vocabulary and be able to describe interests, desires, opinions and intentions in a detailed manner.

Advanced course The objective of the course is to strengthen oral and written skills, thus giving the student more self-confidence and the opportunity to pick up the nuances of the Italian language and culture. The focal point of the lessons will be conversation. Topics and ideas will be taken from current affairs, magazines, newspapers, Italian television etc, in order to encourage the student to speak about a variety of "made in Italy" topics. Prices 15 hours (1 week) 250,00 ? 30 hours (2 weeks) 480,00 ? 45 hours (3 weeks) 675,00 ? ENROLMENT, THE EVALUATION TEST AND THE COST OF BOOKS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE PRICES ARE PER PARTICIPANT THE AFOREMENTIONED PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND ARE VALID FROM 01/06/2008 TO 30/09/2008.

Hallo! Servizi linguistici di Kos Marta Inga e Di Dio Luigina snc Via Ercole Nani 2 a/b 40132 Bologna Tel: +39 051406363 Fax: +39 051 406418

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