Modern Students Their Education Debts and Loans

Although they get a bad press from the older generations, generally speaking, the modern day students are not a bad lot at all. In fact they seem pretty well balanced compared to the pessimism of ill educated kids back in my day. Although they may appear a little spoilt compared to the young learners of years ago, it's quite apparent that they have to grow up quickly and take their education seriously in a world that's increasingly over demanding, technologically challenging and constantly changing at a pace that's never been known before. It's true that almost all most modern-day students have grown up with computer games, the internet and mobile phones, and as much as their folks back home despise these electronic tools and gadgets, if our youth didn't participate and incorporate this technology into their lives, they wouldn't stand a chance out there in the real world.

Student Education A lot of folks (especially uneducated people) think that going to university is a bed of roses and often label modern students as the idle youth, or the educated unemployables. Harsh criticism indeed and totally unfair! Yes, those student years can be and should be full of fun and frolics, but it's also a fine balancing act as most have to work part time to help with both their college and living expenses. Let's face it, it isn't easy trying to balance an exciting social life, education, and personal finances at any age let alone in your late teens and early twenties. In fact, many students graduate with heavy debts and numerous loans to pay off. A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that almost 50% of college graduates have student loans, with an average student loan debt of $10,000.

That's some way to start off your working careers knowing that your first year or 2 of proper employment is going to be spent paying off student debts. Student Loans So why do students leave college with such heavy debts? Well, in the first year or two of life on campus, a lot of students are experiencing personal and financial independence for the first time in their lives. Obviously some do better than others, but it's not uncommon for many of them to get into a real pickle financially as they find their feet in life. Also, and depending where they are located, there could be a lot of competition for the best paying student jobs and the majority might only get to pick up a bit of low paid causal work here and there. This is where the student loans are a godsend.

If it wasn't for services such as student credit cards, specific student loans, and student loan consolidation plans, modern society would be short of educated young adults, and that would have a long term major impact on society if we had to importing most of our skilled workforce. So I think folks should give our educated youngsters a bit of a break and let them get on with their studies. There are places in society for educated, uneducated, skilled, semi skilled, and unskilled individuals, and we couldn't function without any of them. Let's hope we see a little less bad press about our college undergraduates and a bit more support in the coming years.

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